Beekeeper training

The Institute of Apiculture offers apprenticeships as an animal technician  specializing in beekeeping. The training lasts 3 years and takes place at the Bee Institute Oberursel and as block instruction at the Lower Saxony State Institute for Apiculture in Celle. An intermediate examination and a final examination are taken.

Field of activity

The future beekeepers learn about the life processes in a bee colony and acquire basic knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of the bee.  He will be taught how to set up various bee housing (hives) and how to treat and process bee colonies. The future beekeeper should acquire knowledge as a beekeeper and  gets insight into the different bee breeds and breeding lines. Small carpentry work (making magazines with accessories) is done. One acquires a machine certificate and thus the skill to operate woodworking machines.

At the Institute of Apiculture, future beekeepers are involved in research work. They help with basic research, the execution of laboratory and field experiments, and student internships.

Recruitment requirements

A good secondary school diploma is expected. You should still have an interest in working with bees and be enthusiastic about working outdoors.


Please send applications with a curriculum vitae in tabular form, the school reports of the last 3 semesters and, if applicable, work and internship references to the Head of the Institute of Apiculture, Karl-von-Frisch Weg 2,  61440 Oberursel, Germany.

Company internships

The Institute for Apiculture maintains intensive cooperation with schools in the region. For example, every year on Girls' Day, schoolgirls experience the tasks of a beekeeper for a whole working day and thus gain important insights into this field of work.

Again and again, students come to the Institute of Apiculture for internships. Here they work together with beekeepers and trainees for several weeks and get to know the working field of beekeeping.

"Researcher tour in the bee garden"

At the Institute of Apiology, children can embark on a journey of discovery into the world of the honey bee. Elementary school classes and preschools learn vividly about the way of life of our honey bees.

The tours are free of charge and will take place in 2019 from May until the summer vacations once a week with Carmen Lobitz. A binding registration is necessary. We assign new dates from January of each year.

Please register with:

Petra Reichl
Telefon: 06171-21278
Mo. – Fr. von 9:00 – 12:00 Uhr